Strive to deliver compounding returns to our clients by participating significantly in bull markets and protecting capital during down markets.


We are disciplined investors applying the same bottom-up, fundamental investment approach to long/short and long-only investment strategies. We have a deep passion for evaluating companies and finding superior (and inferior) business models. Click here (password: chilton-philosophy) for a brief video of our Founder describing Chilton’s investment approach.


  1. Independent thinking and original research is essential. Our approach results in non-consensus investments and differentiated returns.
  2. A long-term mentality leads to success over time. We firmly believe a successful investment program should be long-term oriented and requires patience, high conviction, and strong hands.
  3. Learning from the past and adapting to different market conditions is paramount. We strive to take lessons learned into account when refining our investment process.


Chilton and its qualified employees are invested alongside our clients. We are fortunate to have cultivated many long-term partnerships with our clients since our inception in 1992.


Our institutional grade back-office allows us the flexibility to provide tailored solutions for a diverse group of sophisticated investors.